Make Maintenance and Tax/Use Payments Online!

Your 2011 Westgate Resorts Maintenance and Tax/Use payment was due Jan. 2, 2011. If you haven’t already done so, now’s the time to take advantage of Westgate’s convenient online system to make a payment and avoid late fees.  
Making any or all of your account payments is fast and easy when you utilize the Owner Account Management tool at
FAST, EASY and SECURE, you can make monthly payments and/or your annual HOA payment online using a U.S. checking/savings account or a valid credit/debit card.
The Owner Account Management tool also provides up-to-date account details, such as your monthly payment amount, payment due dates and outstanding items.
Whether you enroll in an Automatic Payment Program or simply want to make a quick one-time payment, the Owner Account Management tool is the fastest, most convenient method to keep your account in good standing.

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  • martha

    I was trying to view my account online but I don’t have access

    • Sam King

      For some reason your account became locked. We will be contacting you to resolve this.

  • Fgriffit

    Very difficult to get anyone on the phone . Would like to pay payment on line or on phone.

  • T wargo

    they took out too much money on my direct withdrawal. too expencive , wish i could sell it. problems with westgate from the beginning yrs. ago

  • Pwilliams000

    i cannot get on to the maintenance site to pay my maintenance, what is wrong.
    I just want to pay my bill

  • DMD

    Unable to get to the Owners Account Management area to make my maintenance payment. Seems like the only parts of the website that work are the referrals.   Web address provided doesn’t work.

  • Pkekzumbrota

    Can’t get into Westgate system to make my Maintenance payment early!  Also when calling the 800 number I’m on hold for over 1/2 hour. What’s the problem?

  • elaineallen

    unable to make payment,traied several times. you need to check your system.

  • Fred E. Willett

    You are not accepting my e-mail address and password  which are correct inspite of what you think!! 

  • Sue55sue

    I too cannot get into to pay the maintenance fee.     Had no problem last year?    What gives????

  • John Hartog

    Trying to Log-in to Pay 2013  Maintenance early for small discount…….. Can  you  PLEASE  get  the  appropriate  person  to  ring  me  tomorrow  or  now….to  take  c/c details…….

     Owner  Registration  1273212310

  • Stumped

    I also had trouble getting in for two days but was finally able to after emailing for help.
    An obvious (but missing) item on the Pay Maintenance and Tax program is a breakdown of how much of the total bill is for taxes.  Isn’t this something everyone itemizing their income tax needs?  It would seem so much easier to just provide this information on the page rather than having everyone who needed it either email or call in separately for it every year.

  • lawrence durlin

    I would like to pay my 2013 maintanence, but can’t get online because I don’thave a password. Please help.  Thank you    Lawrence

  • Faithwithsunshine

    I never experienced such poor service, more like no service for over hour and a half!! Whats up with this?  Surly you can have a better system of servicing your owners instead of being put on hold for sooooooooooooo long that I went ahead to get a rep. and even after explaining how long I was put on hold she had the nerve to still want to charge that $5 fee to be helped. Can you imagine wanting to pay and yet still have to pay after all that hassel just to get to her. What a service, it makes me regret purchasing our unit!! You people need more staff to attend to us owners….we deserve that much at least!!!!!!!

  • Ditmars

    I have tried all day to pay my Maintenance/tax and have been on hold for 30 minutes then  try to go online and it doesn’t work either.  How do you expect us to take care of this???

  • Pvilleneuve

    cannot get in online.  minimum 15 mins. wait on phone!!!!!!
    do we not pay enough fees????? HIRE MORE PEOPLE WESTGATE.

  • patmargaret

    pat carter
    why cant i get into online payments to pay my maintenance. been trying 4 days   now, made 3 calls from the UK and told will be up and running tomorrow. tomorrow never comes, so have to pay extra to pay by phone, what a suprise.———just managed to get through by phone and told me i would not be charged the extra, after complaining about the website malfunction–result.

  • Charlesbowen54

    charles bowen             I would like to pay my maintenance and tax for one year

  • F Joann R

    I am trying to pay my maintenance & tax on line 11/1/12 ( 4% discoun,t why will it not let me???.  

  • Judihalla

    what is the problem with your system cannnot get any help by phone online etc
    hours of confusion
    this sucks
    pls fix it as our time is valuable tooo Jinxed!

  • Edna Wellman

    ONLINE PAYMENT STINKS.   CAN’T GET ON.  If you call, the wait time is much too long.

    As much as we pay in maintenance taxes, the problem needs to be solved!!

  • Fxofc2

    your system sucks! can’t get into system and trying to get through on phone is a joke.
    either can’t get a real person or the person who answers, can’t speed english.  WTF.
    Can’t get reservations made until I pay the maint/taxes , can’t pay them until resets my
    accounts because I am locked out of the system. 

  • Bob and Sue Weemes

    Like always I can’t log in.Do you just want the extra five BUCKS.  This place has gone down hill for the last SIX or so years.  If I call, I am always on hold for at least a half hour.  Your customer services really stinks!  You change the rules all the time.  We are so disgusted.Buy us out!!!!!!  We are to the point we hhhhhHATE this FRicking place.  It was absolutely wonderful when we first bought in 1996 .  Now  it is just aweful.  The sales people are  so rude if you don’t up grade.  They pick us up for the meeting and when we don’t up grade they make us walk back to our unit.  That is  just wrong.  They hound us till we are PISSED and don’t take NO for our answer.  This place just stinks!!!!  Why don’t you fix this?  We have tried to go to other places and they are always booked for the owners but anyone else can come if they pay.  Owners should be number one!  Seems as though we are last not first.  What is the deal!  yep, your right we are not  happy

    Bob and Sue Weemes Swanton ohio

  • Lac888

    it,s bad u have 2 pay $250 dollars on top of maintence fee for 1 week when u can rent that week 4 630 time share 4 sale payed 36000 thousand will take 5000

  • William Porras

    My name is William and I am selling my resort, my number is 864-230-3426, this resort is located in Orlando, Florida.

  • setshot

    This company has gone down hill since the past 5-6 years. The services and accessibilities are not conducive to owners’ benefit. Shame on the owner: all he wants is to get rich off the owners’ backs.

  • reed

    been trying to pay maint fees and all I get is All team members are busy. try online and cant get it to go either. what a joke!!!!

  • Ken Ayala D Patty


  • trini girl

    yes that is true i need help with mine to

  • James Suarez

    Same with me. Can’t get in. Guess they don’t want our money. It happens every year!! Fusttated!!!

  • Lesa Weight

    Why can I not get you ??????

  • Lesa Weight

    I need to pay .. the telephone number does not exist??? All the numbers I ring, never phone me back ..
    Will one of your reps get in touch with me please !!!
    Thank you

  • casultant

    I want to sell my timeshare, but nobody wants Westgate property. I will practically give it away.

  • Chi Town

    I am an owner too and as I read these comments I see I am not the only person who feels like this was a big mistake. Everyone is upset about something but I don’t think the company cares. They have our money, we are locked in. My unit is paid for but I am still paying the maintenance & tax which is very expensive. I don’t see why the maintenance is so expensive? For example: Actually there are 52 people owning one unit and they all pay the same amount of fees. At around $450 per person that is around $23,400. So you mean to tell me it takes $23,400 to maintain my 2 bedroom unit a year. If there are 32 units that is over $748,800 in fees. I am sure the fees are more for the 3 and 4 bedroom units. Sad

  • Dwain M

    I could not get into their website to pay my taxes. Next, I get a letter from a collection agency regarding an increase amount on my taxes. I am still unable to access their website. It gives me a message, “This page cannot be displayed”!!!!!

  • sharon hall

    I need to change payment on my account. the owners account won’t let access login

  • animal kingdom

    They want you to call directly to them and they will charge you 5.00 for every call, rhis is nothing bit rip off