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December 13th, 2010
Big names. Big events. Big fun.

The Westgate Premiere Events series offers Westgate owners and their friends and family members a unique opportunity to combine a favorite event with a relaxing resort getaway in Orlando.

You can choose from top concerts, sporting events, theme park happenings, and even Caribbean cruises. And your event vacation package will include Westgate Resort villa accommodations, personal concierge services, a VIP welcome party and local transportation to and from the event.

For a current list of upcoming events, simply visit And remember to check back regularly because the list is updated regularly with new events.

Or you can connect directly with us on Facebook at Read about our past and future events, or post your own Westgate event photos and memories.

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6 Responses to Connect With Westgate Events on Facebook

  1. Mhelgeson says:

    I absolutley love WESTGATE!!

  2. Diapat says:

    I love our Westgate vacations; however, the “Owner’s Events” are misnamed!  Yes, they are for the owners; but, ONLY if you can bring a referral.  There are many events we would like to attend… cannot do so; because, we do not have friends who are able to travel with us! 

    A better name would be “Referral Events”.  We have 8 one-bedroom units at Westgate Lakes, which makes no difference in the participation.  It all boils down to the sales contact, they are interested in you bringing.  Nice try, just sort of misleading, in regards to the name.

    • Numbername says:

      I agree completely with Diapat. We were snubbed when we went to an “Owners’Event” and refused to buy another timeshare when we already have a 3 bedroom . Do they think we are made of money? At nearly $1000 a year in taxes, I can’t afford anything else. We were dropped like a hot potato by Noah and were told we could not attend another owners event. I asked about that in an e-mail to the company and was totally ignored.

      • ReferralWanta says:

        I am not an owner, however there are many people that would like to help you with the fees incurred and even get you into the Owner Events.  Maybe posting your referral code and people wanting the opportunity to experience can have that and get you into the events you want to attend.  Just a thought.

  3. PS says:

    Diapat we have run into similar situations. Once we were told we could not attend an event because we had upgraded in the last 6 months. I told them you should be rewarding us for upgrading not punishing us! When we arrived for our schedule visit we personally met with the supervisor of Rewards program and she told us that info was not true and she offered to get us tickets for the event while we were already there and we told her we couldn’t attend because our flight schedule couldn’t be changed. I would try again for an event and see if anything has changed. We wanted extra tickets for our 2 kids to go to a Taylor Swift concert it was mainly for them not for us.

  4. Sullivan's says:

    I love Westgate! I can’t stop telling people about it. I want them to experience the joy, excitement, and the relaxation of staying at Westgate. I’ve been an owner since 2007 and each year I upgraded to a new room because I fell in love with it when I took the tours. My children look forward to going to Town Center every year, and I’m glad because of all the memories we created while visiting Westgate all the years we have been going were magical. So if you never visited Westgate you should definitely put it on your bucket list.

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