Check Out Your New Westgate Space recently received a facelift and the fresh new look is designed to help keep you better informed about all things Westgate!

Be sure to visit your new Westgate Space regularly. It’s your convenient Owner portal to news and information as well as keeping track of your own Westgate account.

At you can take care of all your account management tasks, including making mortgage, maintenance and tax payments, changing your address, and reserving/confirming your next Westgate vacation week!

You’ll enjoy instant fingertip access to the Westgate Rewards program. Check it out and start earning Rewards fast with the help of some effective and easy-to-use marketing tools like bulletin boards, handouts and Web banners.

You’ll also want to check our fun-filled Westgate Premiere Owner Events calendar. Join other Owners, and bring your friends and family, to an exciting Westgate VIP getaway that includes resort accommodations, personal concierge service and a special concert, a professional sporting event, a theme park getaway, a Las Vegas show or even a Caribbean cruise. You’ll find dozens of top events to choose from and new events are added all the time, so check back frequently.

Come to to learn how you or an acquaintance can early additional cash with our Westgate Partners affiliate program. Or spread the news about your Westgate vacation by sending out a resort family photo with My Westgate Photo.

It’s all part of the newly revamped Everything you need as a Westgate Owner is here!

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13 Responses to Check Out Your New Westgate Space

  1. Anna Den Hartog says:

    Spoke to a rep this morning to verfify my bedrooms in our Time share. She said I could get that information from Westgate Space….. I cannot find where to go to find this information. Please reply

  2. Raksha Joshi says:

    Hi Mr. Hartog,

    In order for us to assist you we need some more information. Please call our WIN team toll free at 1-877-804-9187 during our business hours. Monday – Friday 8:00am to 5:30pm.

    We look forward to hear form you.

    Raksha Joshi
    WIN team

  3. Clyde Mcleod says:

    cant seam to log in to the account managment section all it says no notifactions at this time and i know my manatance Invoice should be on there

    • Mike McLin says:


      I’ll forward this to the right department. Sorry for your inconvenience. Look for a response on here shortly.

    • Sam_king says:

      Hi Clyde,
      According to our system, you spoke with someone on Dec 10th. I’m asking our Owner Services Dept. to call you again to make sure you’re all set.

  4. Witedazee says:

    Dear whoever is in charge of this site,
    Seriously I don’t know who does your website for you, but it is not user friendly. Everytime I come on here I can’t find what I am looking for. I called and they said to go to this site and click media to find out what the schedule is for events directly at Westgate Resort for the week after Christmas and I cannot find anything that says Media.

    • Mike McLin says:

      Liz, sorry for the inconvenience. has gone through a huge change (which is what this particular blog post is all about). I’m assuming that somebody from a different department referred you to this website, not realizing that it is completely different than it was only a few months ago.

      WestgateSpace is now more of a “jumping off” point to get to most of the Westgate websites that our owners are seeking. In your question, I am assuming you are referring to our Westgate Owner Events. All you need to do is click the Westgate Owner Events box on the homepage of this website, and it’ll take you there (or if you want to just go there directly, navigate to

      Let me know if there is anything else that you need assistance with. Thanks.

    • Mike McLin says:

      After discussing your comments with another team member, it came to my attention that you might not be looking for our Owner Events program (which wraps a Westgate Vacation package around a major event), but might be looking for the events that are happening at a particular Westgate Resorts location the week after Christmas because you are already coming into town to stay with us and want to see what’s going on during your stay.

      As far as I know, the only way to find out what events are happening at a resort from week-to-week is to actually call that particular resort. We are actively trying to make more of our information accessible to our online visitors. Hopefully soon, we’ll be adding this information to either this (or another) website to better assist our owners. Thanks again for your comments.

  5. Sorry for the inconvenience. If you own a Fixed week, you can book online at Or please call the WIN team at 1-877-804-9187 and we will help you out. Have a great day!

  6. It was the most wonderful trip , I had a great time enjoy everything from the food and swimming to the padded duck in the water and just relaxing, from walking aroound. Something to do everyday.  Your web site in intersting from the pictures of all the event, and different places to go.

  7. Nick says:

    Put my timeshare up for sale 5 years ago is this the right sight to view progress?

  8. Cthompson says:

    I was told that I could shop on this website, how/where is the link

  9. M Maharaj says:

    I try booking my week. At westgate myrtle beach today 2113/1/13 to use in August 2013 nothing advaiable and this my 2011 week everytime I try to use it in summer noting is advaiable does any owner have problems getting ther week in the summer ?.

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